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Million Dollars in the Year!

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Important note:
'A Forex market trend is always your very best friend.'

I. The safe plan is to multiply your wealth from 300 to 10 thousands of USD in four months x 3 = 1 million bucks in the year.

1. Your initial capital is 300 USD.
2. Start a game of minilots. (On EUR/USD & GBP/USD 1 minilot is one U.S. dollar.)
3. First goal will be to earn 100 pips in 2 weeks. I.e. in 10 trading days; 10 a day.
4. Initially invest up to 5% of the capital, i.e. about $ 5. Ultimately, along with the increase of your account status reduce the size to about 2%.
5. The following is a four-month schedule of fortnight objectives to be achieved:

$300 - $399           play 1 minilot      Aim = 100 pips
$400 - $599           play 2 minilots     Aim = 100 pips
$600 - $899           play 3 minilots     Aim = 100 pips
$900 - $1299          play 4 minilots     Aim = 100 pips
$1300 - $1999        play 5 minilots     Aim = 140 pips
$2000 - $2999        play 6 minilots     Aim = 166 pips
$3000 - $4499        play 7 minilots     Aim = 214 pips
$4500 - $6999        play 8 minilots     Aim = 312 pips
$7000 - $10 000      play 9 minilots     Aim = 333 pips

We got here around 1600 pips. To reach that number, you need an average of 100 pips per week over 16 weeks. Recall that e.g. for pair GBP/USD,

the average daily traffic over the past two years (average 20-day) ranges from 110-260 pips.

II. And now the most important - System that will allow you to win.

Presented below ingenious & simple idea was invented by pro market researchers. And although it works almost always, it is best to be sure to use it only in accordance with a trend of FX market. You will be playing at Stop-Loss = 20 pips. It's not much, but it will possibly reduce the loss that will definitely happen over time, and in spite of the will obtain good income using such a small SL.

1. Once a day (!), choose a pair of currencies with low spread and the upward trend or downward.
2. You use the previously described schedule and the rules of 'The trend is your friend.'.
3. Invest money without things like Trailing-Stop, etc. Use only Stop-Loss=20 & Take-Profit=80.

4. Turn off the trading platform and run it in your free time the next day.
5. There is a high probability that you lose most of the transactions, but remember that you've had two weeks, i.e. 10 days trading, stock information, guides, indicators..., as well as trend.

If you succeed in this way to win three out of ten transactions (And two successful such investments will give you after two weeks money reimbursement and you can try again.), the rest is just a formality. Of course, hitting more often you can speed the process and shorten the time to get million dollars in cash! Remember to enter the game with a trend, but at the 'opposite peaks/tops' to the direction of the tendency/trend!!! Even if in this way more times you lose, it still, when the course instantly pops up away from the dangerous level in relation to SL and the closing position on the daily loss, you will increase your chances of success using the simplest in the world, but also a brilliant system. Good luck in multiplying money with this Millionaire System!

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